Gift Baskets Villas, with design studios located in Raleigh and New Bern, NC, work marketing managers, owners, realtors who already have a gifting program in place or would like to implement a gift-giving programs for customers retention, new customers and referrals. If you presently do not have a Corporate Gifting Program in place and would like to grow your business, it would be our pleasure to help you set up and implement a well-defined program to meet your budget and satisfy your long term goals. Ask us about our popular client-touch, drop-by and pop-by gifts, at minimal cost can lead to amazing results. with our delivers corporate gifts in North Carolina, our online store is located in Raleigh and New Bern, NC

Located in Raleigh and New Bern, NC

Have you any question or problem on how to send Gift Baskets to North Carolina, Raleigh or New Bern, USA to your family and friends? If your company is looking for best Gift Baskets for delivery to someone living in North Carolina. We are located in Raleigh, New Bern, NC.


LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION - people remember how you make them feel.

The importance of showing your appreciation to your customers, employees and referrers, those who have contributed to your success is so important in today’s competitive business world. Each hand packed basket, gift box or gift bag will long be remembered as a caring, thoughtful sentiment that will have your corporate clients returning to do business with you time and time again. Loyal customers and employees are a powerful ally. Give your clients/customers something to get excited about and they’ll get excited about referring people to you!

Our purpose is to help you stand out from the crowd and to make your company look good

  1. Thank customers
  2. Reward employees
  3. Show Client Appreciation 
  4. Bingo prizes
  5. Business Workshops
  6. Business Seminars
  7. Local Conventions
  8. All occasions to let them know you're thinking about them.
  9. Holidays, special occasion gifts or just because

How we can help:

  • Personalize baskets with your promotional items 
  • Design with color schemes to match your company’s logo
  • Deliver your baskets and gift baskets 
  • Can design gifts at any price range

If you're involved in any of the following businesses, we can help including but not limited to:

  1. Hotels
  2. Insurance Companies
  3. Lawyers
  4. Real Estate Agents
  5. Construction Companies
  6. Recruitment Offices
  7. Electronic Companies
  8. Builders/Contractors
  9. Golf Associations
  10. Pharmaceutical Representatives
  11. Accountants
  12. Financial Institutions
  13. Health Management
  14. Hospitals
  15. Doctors
  16. Nursing Homes