A Customized Cardinal Gift Basket


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These gifts are customized. Please contact us - email, text or call giftbasketvillas@gmail.com or (631) 252-0002.  If we are unavailable. we will get back to you as soon as we can or generally within a few minutes.  create personalized and customized unique and generally one of a kind. How different would you be and you'll be able to stand out from the crowd. 

We can print almost anything on a ribbon including the name of your company, logo and your name on ribbons. Personalize any of our gifts to give them a present with a special touch and wait for the reaction. It will be the 'wow factor' for which you're looking. 

Gift Basket Villas

Our gifts at Giftbasket villas are different from the rest because we can help you strengthen relationships and build client loyalty. Make sure to check out the small, affordable client-touch, drop-by or pop-by gifts that reflect your company’s brand and personality. When your clients feel connected to you they will give you more business and refer you more.

Many people know exactly the gift basket they'd present to a friend or loved one if they had the time to put it together. But finding and then collecting all those delectable treats and impressive delicacies takes time.

Finding the right products for this gift basket takes researching the local home-grown snacks and treats. We are lucky to live in towns with unique gourmet items and farmer's markets.  We hand select 10 to 15 unique custom items which perfectly complement each other in flavor, appearance, and theme. 

Finding the individual components could eat up a couple of days, alone. And then, you have to factor in the time it would take to organize the items attractively, making the basket or gift box appear opulent, rich, overflowing with bounty while transporting your gorgeous creation, not just from your front door to your car, but across town, or across the country.

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