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Who we are


Welcome to Gift Basket Villas, headquartered in Raleigh, NC with easy onlline Nationwide shipping.  Our gifts offer the best selection of handcrafted gift baskets & gift towers, great value for your hard earned money. Whether you need to purchase distinctive corporate gifts or buy something for friends and family, we have gift ideas to suit your taste & budget. All of Gift Baskets and gifts are backed by our Best Value, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Nationwide Delivery, Easy and Fast Online Ordering. 

Gift Basket Villas works with local Raleigh companies and others in North Carolina including Cloer Family Vineyards, Roark Premiere Team Realty, six forks Raleigh, NC to provide gifts that reflect the elements of old-world charm. We incorporate the beauty of nature, which make our style so appealing. It's no wonder that Gift Basket Villas style gifts are so popular. Our goal at Gift Basket Villas is to provide our customers in Raleigh and anywhere in the US with such distinctive gifts that will result in nostalgic memories for your family, friends and customers will be the topic of discussion for years to come.– sun-washed hillsides, crumbling stone walls, rustic stone farm-houses, marble flooring and sturdy hardwood and the wonderful elements of intricate and elaborate wrought iron.  When you choose to send one of our gifts, it will be the center of nostalgia in years to come: remember when we got a gift basket with a photo of the family; remember when we got that ‘Happy Place’ Burlap bag; remember when you sent us the gift with the coffee I love etc. etc. ……The appeal lies in its simplicity of combining memorable and loved items - a gift becomes a warm and pleasant memory.


We provide all occasion gift baskets including corporate gift baskets, business gift baskets, anniversary gift baskets, birthday gift baskets, gourmet gift baskets, chocolate gift baskets, holiday gift baskets, Christmas gift baskets, coffee gift baskets, tea gift baskets & Kosher gift baskets.


Welcome to our Villas!

Why do we do what we do?  Because we are passionate about design, creativity and giving.

What makes us different?

Gift Basket Villas provides all-occasion gifts and gift-baskets for family, friends, customers during special occasions or the holidays, however our focus is to  provide custom designed appreciation gifts that are called “touch” gifts, Pop-by and referral gifts. These are used by companies/agencies to keep in touch with their customers. We are experts at gift-giving and provide solutions that save time, resources and money.

Our gorgeous individually designed gifts can also be used as inexpensive marketing tools for small companies who struggle with growth - getting new clients, keeping their present clients happy with their services and thanking the folks who refer them. We can also provide you with the personal attention to details. If you have a growing business and need to increase your client base try something different that will make you stand out from the crowd. We can afford to do what the large companies can't with their overhead. 

We personalize your gifts by adding your logo, your company's name, phone# and your name, (if you'd like) on these "touch" gifts with a special note letting your clients, customers know you care. Remember, giving a gift is great but branding it and creating a unique gift, takes it to the ultimate where you can stand above the crowd. When was the last time you remember who gave you that pen? But, why not take that same pen or mug with the logo and create a memorable gift instead, for minimal costs. Marketing made easy and inexpensive. Talk with us and let us help you figure out what will work for your company.

Our company is also in alliance with extraordinarily talented, designing women who can provide you with one gift or 1000 gifts, customized with your logo and your products if you choose. We have the network and can deliver nationwide. 

What makes us different is that we get to the work with our customers and keep our clients on point so they are working on what they love about their business. We are passionate about what we do! Let us do the work so you can pursue your passions.



From our villas to yours!

 What we do?


Gift Basket Villas creates customized, premium gift basket and assorted gift services. Your pleasure and delight in gift-giving is our goal and our passion!

We promise to assist all of our clients to stand out from the crowd with the most creative "wow" factor online gifts. From Anniversary Gifts to Birthday Gifts, we have an array of gift baskets and assorted gifts to fit any of your memorable events and occasions. We are a network of women business owners that offers the highest of quality, elegant and affordable gifts, nationwide.


Why us?

  • We understand that corporations desire to give premium gifts to their clients and employees. Nothing can compare to our premium line of Corporate Gift Baskets that will display your company as one of great customer care and excellence. 


Explore our products

 Nothing compares to sending a gift of thanks to your clients during the holiday season like our Warm Thanks Gift Basket. You can be assured your clients will be thoroughly impressed! From our VIP Gift Basket, to our Thanksgiving Gourmet Basket, they will enjoy nothing but the absolute best from our Villas.

Stand Out from the Crowd

If you are looking for original and customized gifts, Gift Basket Villas can also meet your specialty needs! Our network of gift basket designers have years of experience and are able to create customized gift products with your logo and any other products you choose from. At Gift Basket Villas, we take our time, love our craft and we will provide you with the quality gifts you deserve—nationwide! Our customized ribbons for your gift baskets, always makes the difference for our clients, giving your gift an authentic presentation. Whether you are an individual or business, Gift Basket Villas has the customization tools to help you build your client relationships more and more!

We can help your gift basket business grow.

Gift Basket Villas believes in marketing that makes you stand out from the crowd of your competitors, which is proven to increase your customer sales. We also have our “Reach Out Touch” , Drop-By and Referral gifts that are as exquisite as they come.

Place an order with us via online or call Gift Basket Villas today!


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