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Gifts From Our Villas - Fishing Gift Basket

Most Asked Questions in the Gift Basket Industry



Can you include fruit, glass, balloons or flowers in the gift baskets?

When we can. we definitely customize gift baskets for our customers, however, these types of products create challenges for us to ensure the quality of these products in the gift basket.

For instance, all our gourmet and gift products are hand selected to ensure that they survive the shipping process. Since we are not a brick and mortar company, most of our products are shipped (except for local corporate or personalized orders). We generally carry gourmet products that are non-perishable and can last a few days - at least until the customer can consume therm. 

In addition to perishable goods, we typically don't ship glass items, balloons for the obvious reason that they may deflate or heaven forbid, pop inside the box! , Flowers are also easily crushed and  won't be as pretty when they're shipped in the basket.

We all love the gorgeous color and texture of fruit but unfortunately, they won't be as fresh in the gift baskets, as if you would get them from the store, They need packaging that will ensure that they arrive fresh - no bruises, cuts, and the color is as good as the day it was shipped. Unless they are shipped overnight, which can cost more than the fruit, this almost makes it impossible to preserve the quality and freshness of the fruit. We would suggest that you buy these gifts directly from the store or even better, take a drive in the country get them farm fresh - a gift to both you and the recipient!

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