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All About Us




Hi, I'm Brenda.

Welcome to Gift Basket Villas!

Gift Basket Villas prides ourselves in providing you with a gift for your friends, family or for an occasion that will be different from any other.

Unique and thoughtful gifts for any occasion and any budget.

We enjoy being creative, thinking outside the basket, and making lots and lots of gorgeous bows!

Gift Basket Villas works with women from all over the US who are hand picked for their creative talents.

Our gifts are meant to evoke a feeling, create a smile, an emotional response. At the minimum we expect to create smiles!


Send a gift to a long lost Grandma: A heartfelt story.



I Delivered a gift (from someone from Texas) to their Grandmother in NC. What I loved was that she lives in a retirement "Villa" (which is a tiny room) and she is so beautifully dressed with her pearls. I sent a delivery confirmation with her picture.

Response that warms my heart! "Brenda, you just made our day. We haven't seen a picture of "Grandmother" for several years. She is the mother of my late husband. We definitely will use you again." Barb



Surprise your college pal:

college-room-mate-gift-basket.jpgThe guy in the picture, received an unexpected package from his best friend from college that said "You Rock". The sender also asked that I sing the song - 'We Will Rock You' I explained that I am the world's worst singer! This guy started singing it and I joined in (my friends and family would be horrified) but we were so caught up in the moment. I asked permission to take his picture. He was so excited, he got his college coffee mug to send his friend a picture. The friend thought it was an awesome thing for a gift company to do. He loved the picture and had a lasting memory.


Or your crazy hat gal pal:


 We specialize in creating gifts with that WOW factor, from  corporate gift baskets to the smallest and quaintest event favors that they will 'ohh and ahh' about. Gift Basket Villas makes it easy, just let us know colors, style, likes and dislikes. We will make something that will make you stand out from the crowd. We have numerous ways to personalize and customize your gifts - we can use your promotional items or create ones for you, imprinted your name, company information on ribbons, and create labels with your logo or motto. We assure you, your gifts will be remembered



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